O’Donnell Statement on GRA Becoming Law, the 10th Anniversary of Marriage Equality

NEW YORK — “Today represents a milestone in our fight to secure LGBTQ rights. When I first joined the Assembly, LGBTQ people could not marry the person they loved; were not yet protected from workplace discrimination; and still faced the risk of conversion therapy. New Yorkers could even use sexual orientation and gender expression as a legal justification for the murder of gay and trans people. In the past decade - we have changed all of that.

Today, we celebrate love and equality. On the 10-year anniversary of marriage equality, we can look back with pride on how that victory laid the groundwork for a decade of progress to protect and support the LGBTQ community. I am proud of our progress on LGBTQ rights in the last ten years and am deeply honored to continue that work with the Gender Recognition Act, which will make life safer for trans individuals, reduce stigma, and affirm trans individuals’ identities. Our work for equal rights is far from over, but we have proven that love is love, that trans lives matter, and that we are ready for the fights ahead.”