McDonough Hopes For Bipartisanship

A Statement from the Desk of Assemblyman Dave McDonough (R,C,I-Merrick)

“Looking back at the State of the State Address, Gov. Hochul left many New Yorkers scratching their heads searching for answers. She missed an opportunity to answer many of the questions on our minds. The governor failed to address the unsafe surge in crime. We need to focus on protecting our communities by addressing the faults of bail reform and returning discretion to our judges. Our small businesses are struggling after being crippled by burdensome mandates. It is time to move toward a recovery and allow our businesses to prosper. Health care workers need our help; we must bring back the healthcare workers who lost their jobs due to unnecessary mandates. It is time to work in a bipartisan manner to truly move New York forward and address the pressing issues we are currently facing.”