Assemblyman Braunstein, NYPD and NYC Parks Announce Crackdown on Loud Car Meetups at Bay Terrace Park

Assemblyman Edward Braunstein (D-Bayside), the 109th Precinct and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation are announcing that, in an effort to thwart noisy and disruptive “car meetups” taking place after park hours, a gate and lock have been installed at the entrance of the Little Bay Park parking lot.

Located next to the entrance of Fort Totten, the Little Bay Park parking lot has become a late-night and early-morning gathering place for car enthusiasts. Many of these vehicles are extremely noisy due to modified muffler and exhaust systems, and the lot’s proximity to the Cross Island Parkway service road lends drivers to drag race on the thoroughfare and on local streets. 

After conversations between Assemblyman Braunstein, the 109th Precinct and Queens Parks Department officials late last year, all parties determined that installing a gate and lock at this location would be an effective long-term solution. Now, the parking lot gates are being locked by 109th Precinct Patrol Officers every day after 10 p.m., park closing, and are opened by NYC Parks Department personnel every morning. In addition, the 109th Precinct continues to engage in patrols and enforcement efforts in the immediate area. 

“The new locking system at the Little Bay Park lot will deter drivers from gathering and creating a late-night disruption at the park and on surrounding streets. Coupled with continued interagency cooperation, this collaboration will hopefully put a stop to this quality-of-life concern for the long term,” said Assemblyman Edward Braunstein. “I thank Commanding Officer O’Connell and the 109th Precinct for their steadfast attention to this issue, as well as the NYC Parks Department for their role in acquiring the necessary infrastructure.”

“Since the introduction of locking up Little Bay Park parking lot, the 109th Precinct has received fewer complaints through 311, in meetings, emails, phone calls, and in person,” said Deputy Inspector John O'Connell, Commanding Officer of the 109th Precinct. “The 109th Precinct also has requested some wooden barriers to be dropped off at the parking lot to help thwart further entry during night-time hours. We also asked our Neighborhood Coordination Officers and Sector Patrol Officers to do routine directed patrols in the park.”

“The safety of Queens communities is always our top priority,” said NYC Parks Queens Borough Commissioner Michael Dockett. “Working together with Assemblyman Braunstein and our partners in the 109th Precinct, we are proud to have found a long-term solution to ensure that this space continues to be a benefit to the community, and not a detriment.”