Assemblywoman Sillitti: Draconian Supreme Court Decision Strips Rights of Millions of Women, with Dire Consequences

“There has been a slow and steady assault on women’s rights for decades. With this draconian Supreme Court decision, the courts have said women don’t get to decide what happens with our own bodies. We don’t get to decide whether we live or die. We don’t get to decide whether to have a heartbreaking miscarriage naturally or allow a doctor to intervene sparing excruciating pain. We are instead leaving it in the hands of state legislatures that look to control women.Because at the end of the day, that is what this is about - controlling women.

“I am proud to represent a state that protects a woman's right to decide what happens to her own body and one that values women. A state that also empowers reproductive healthcare providers and safeguards them from retaliation.Make no mistake about it, women will travel to New York for healthcare, and we will protect them.”