ICYMI: Ashby Secures Major Win for Veterans, Creates State Department of Veterans’ Services

Assemblyman Jake Ashby (R,C,I-Castleton) is proud to announce the creation of the Department of Veterans’ Services, a cause he has championed since taking office in 2019.

“Today is a tremendous victory for our State’s nearly one million veterans and their families,” said Ashby, an Army combat veteran who serves as the Ranking Member on the Assembly Veteran Affairs Committee. “This long-overdue measure will have a dramatic positive impact by finally providing our veteran community with a state agency that is fully equipped, funded and solely focused on our veterans.

Ashby also noted that the absence of a centralized veterans department has greatly limited the effectiveness of implementing existing veteran programs and benefits.

“Currently, veteran programs are scattered across dozens of separate state offices, making effective administration nearly impossible. This new agency is well-positioned to resolve these ongoing issues.”

Upon passage of the bill, Ashby reflected on the countless people without whom this goal would never have been achieved.

“The creation of this department is truly a mission accomplished for all veterans across New York,” said Ashby. “This new agency will provide the stability needed to address the problems facing veterans across our state and would not have been possible without the outstanding work and steadfast commitment of our State Veteran Community, Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay, the NYS Assembly Veterans Committee and Committee Chairwoman Didi Barrett, Director of Columbia County Veterans Services - CSM Gary Flaherty, Siena College President Col. (ret.) Chris Gibson and Mike Finnegan who laid the initial groundwork for this important legislation.”