Gallahan: Solution to Migrant Crisis is Crystal Clear

A Statement from Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan (R,C-Manchester) in response to the Assembly and Senate press conference on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024, calling for solutions to the ongoing migrant crisis.

“In order to properly protect New York families during this ongoing migrant crisis—families who did not ask for nearly 173,000 migrants to be welcomed into our state—we need to bridge the gap between state and federal agencies to not only strengthen our law enforcement and immigration and customs authority personnel but also strengthen our public safety laws so migrants who commit crimes in our state cannot escape accountability. The attack on two NYPD officers in January should have been a sobering wake-up call. Our state’s approach to the migrant crisis so far has not worked, and now it is hurting innocent New Yorkers who had no say in the discussion to begin with.

“The governor’s willingness to house incoming migrants and provide $2.4 billion worth of aid to support migrants after they have entered New York City has sparked outrage from New York families and parents concerned for their own well-being and the well-being of their children, especially given the governor has proposed to significantly reduce school aid statewide.

“To restore public trust in us, in other state lawmakers, in law enforcement and in ICE, we need to work together to formulate a cohesive plan that tackles the migrant crisis from every angle. Incidents like the attack from a few weeks ago cannot be allowed to happen, and if they do, whether they are committed by a New York citizen or a migrant, the perpetrator cannot simply walk free. Justice must be served, and public safety must be made priority number one.”