Angelino: Assembly Majority Budget “Wish List” Overspends, Poorly Prioritizes

Statement from Assemblyman Joseph Angelino (R,C,I-Norwich) on the One-House Budget Bill

“I find it hard to reconcile that the Assembly Majority wants to add $10 billion in spending when families throughout the state have had to tighten their belts due to excessive inflation and the rising costs of gas and fuel, among other expenses. Their vision for the budget is far from what the average New Yorker would say is a priority and, let us be honest, the continued poor prioritization of the average New Yorker is what drives thousands of residents to move out of state. Assembly Majority wants to give more to those who break our laws and to failed Cuomo-era economic programs, but don’t want to meaningfully address the teacher shortage, help struggling public hospitals or finally pass term limits on statewide public officials. I must vote no against this misguided proposal.”