DeStefano Denounces One-House Budget Proposal from Majority

Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C-Medford) addresses the Assembly and Senate Majority One-House Budget Proposal

“We've said time and again that the spending habits in Albany are unsustainable, and the more they tax New Yorkers to offset the costs, the more people are going to leave,” DeStefano said. “The Majority One-House Budget continues the troubling trend of spending more and more, and it's something we need to stand up against this year.

 “The taxpaying New Yorkers have told us time and again that crime and affordability are their biggest concerns with living in New York. This budget proposal addresses neither of these issues in any meaningful way, and it’s frustrating to see that my colleagues across the aisle continue to bury their heads in the sand like this,” DeStefano concluded.