DeStefano: State of The State Highlights Weak Package of Proposals for 2024

A Statement by Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C-Medford) on the Governor’s State of the State Address Today at the New York State Capitol.

“The governor’s State of the State today was full of promise, but again fails to acknowledge the cliff our state hangs over—New Yorkers are fleeing due to an exorbitant cost of living and stifling overregulation, particularly burdening our small businesses. The governor says we cannot spend money we do not have yet persists with a tax-and-spend approach that will undoubtedly push us over the edge. Instead of using taxpayer dollars to build swimming pools, we need hardline solutions to fight the increased crime rates and the drug epidemic as well as make our state affordable so that we can raise families here, work here and enjoy the many great aspects New York has to offer.”