DeStefano: Assembly Majority Approach to State Budget is Broken

Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C-Medford) was joined by his colleagues this morning at a press conference held by Minority Leader Will Barclay and Ways & Means Committee Ranking Minority Member Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) with respect to our state’s broken budget process. This event highlighted the need for comprehensive reforms and greater accountability to ensure a timely and transparent budget that serves the best interests of all New Yorkers. 

“It is deeply concerning to witness the ongoing and unacceptable delays in our state budget process. Year after year, we face the same issues: a missed deadline, eleventh-hour negotiations and a lack of transparency. This year is no different.”

“The habitual lateness of our state budget is more than just a procedural inconvenience—it has tangible, detrimental effects on our constituents and state’s future. When our budget is delayed, schools, businesses, nonprofits and all residents are left in limbo, uncertain of their funding and forced to make difficult decisions without a clear financial picture.”

“This recurring problem points to a larger issue: the Majority’s approach to the budget process. Their strategy of prioritizing political gains over timely and responsible governance is truly unacceptable. This lack of focus, discipline and transparency must come to an end. We need a budget process that is transparent, efficient and, above all, timely.”