Lemondes Stands Firm with Israel, Calls for the Release of Hostages in Gaza

Assemblyman John Lemondes (R,C-LaFayette) stood in support of his colleagues and the New York chapter of “Run for Their Lives” earlier today as they called for the release of the 134 hostages in Gaza. There are still currently two New Yorkers being held as hostages since the devastating terrorist attacks in Israel on October 7.

In the aftermath of these devastating terrorist attacks in Israel, there was a drastic rise in antisemitic hate crimes across the country and the state. In the three months following the attacks, there were 3,291 reported anti-Jewish incidents, a 361% increase from the previous year. The rise in antisemitism across the state along with the current hostage crisis has created an environment where Jewish New Yorkers no longer feel safe. It’s time for lawmakers to speak out against Jewish hate and protect these communities.

“In October, we witnessed the most devastating attack against the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Now there are 134 innocent civilians who have been taken against their will,” said Lemondes. “These are parents, students, community leaders and so many others who have been torn away from their families by a terrorist organization that is hellbent on the destruction of the state of Israel.”

“I think it is absolutely reprehensible that there are people who continue to support Hamas and their unwarranted slaughter of Jewish communities. My heart breaks for the victims and their families. I will continue to stand in solidarity with those affected by this tragedy and do everything within my power to ensure the safe and immediate release of these hostages.”