Salka: Repeal Of Bail Reform Is Long Overdue

Assemblyman John Salka (R,C,I,-Ref-Brookfield) is pleased to join his Minority colleagues to call for greater anti-crime measures. New York is currently facing a rise in crime including a 46.7 percent increase in murders from 2019 to 2020. In that same year, firearm-related violent crime increased by 28.9% in New York outside of New York City and New York has the highest demand for domestic violence services in the country.

“New York has experienced an unprecedented rise in crime for far too long, it is time to take action,” said Salka. “One-party rule has led New York down a dark and dangerous path; the full repeal of bail reform is long overdue. We need to put discretion in the hands of our judges so they can do their jobs. We must do ours by working to make our communities safer and restoring order throughout New York.”