Assemblymember John T. McDonald III Statement Regarding Governor Cuomo

"The public trust is fundamental when elected to public office. While there can be differences of opinion as to approach in accomplishing the will of those we represent, the people who elect us rightfully expect integrity and for us to be held to a higher standard. Even one allegation of wrongdoing is enough to warrant a thorough investigation. There is no magic number of allegations that changes what is wrong and what is right. Everyone has a right to have their voice heard. We are at the point where Governor Cuomo is the subject of multiple investigations and the number of allegations continues to grow.

Since the Governor has said that he will not resign, I believe it is in the best interest of our State if Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul serves as Acting Governor until the Attorney General’s investigations or any other potential inquiries reach a conclusion or a removal determination under the law is made.

These are serious allegations and the people of New York State need steady leadership without distraction."