Assemblyman Giglio Speaks On Attacks Against Rochester Police Officers, Lee Zeldin

“The increased violence in Rochester this year, which has escalated over the past 24 hours, is a prime example of how drastically respect for life has continually eroded in New York State.

“The ambush-style shooting of two police officers, along with the attack of Congressman Lee Zeldin, reflects the breakdown in respect for law enforcement officers and public servants. Combined with cameras in every phone and viral social media posts, officers are under such a magnifying glass that they are essentially handcuffed and unable to keep the public safe.

“Our criminal justice system needs to be updated to protect our citizens, rather than criminals. This rise in violence is exactly what my colleagues and I warned of when bail reform was first introduced.

“Restrictive gun laws that only affect law-abiding citizens are not the solution. We should know by now that criminals don’t follow laws. It is well past the time to make real, common-sense changes to criminal justice laws in this state to keep dangerous criminals off the street and to protect our citizens. The rising level of violence in our communities is unacceptable.”