Giglio Supports DiNapoli In Divesting Sudan And Iran Interests

A legislative statement by Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,I,C-Gowanda)

“There currently are no laws in place preventing state employees’ retirement funds from being invested in countries known for conducting genocide as well as supporting terrorism, such as Sudan and Iran. I have joined with my Assembly colleagues on three pieces of legislation that will authorize the divestment of all state retirement funds currently invested in Sudan and Iran and prohibit the state Comptroller from making further investments in corporations doing business in these two countries.

“As Americans, we highly value our freedom, but we often take for granted the men and women who have fought to give us the freedom we have today. It is appalling that state employee retirement funds would be invested in corporations doing business in countries that not only deprive their people of basic human rights, but support mass destruction of their own citizens, while threatening to attack our nation. I am proud to stand with my Assembly colleagues beside our Comptroller in combating tyrannical regimes by ensuring we no longer underwrite their cause through our investments.”