Giglio: DMV Fee Hikes Unnecessary Burden On New York Taxpayers

Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,I,C-Gowanda) today spoke out on DMV fee increases that were put in place Tuesday as a result of this year’s “failed budget.” Giglio voted against the governor’s budget, which was passed early this year, calling it “a product of the ‘three men in a room’ who have excluded the voices of constituents across the state and party lines.” In March, Giglio cited raised taxes and increased spending as a reason for his vote against the budget.

The DMV fee hikes will result in roughly a 25 percent raise in driver license and registration fees, bringing the new cost for a Class D driver license to $64.50, a $14.50 increase, and the registration cost on an average vehicle weighing 3,500 pounds from $45 to $56. Another fee that will be incurred by New York vehicle owners will take place in April 2010, when all vehicle owners will be required to purchase new license plates.

“The DMV fee increases that went into effect today are yet another result of Albany’s tax-and-spend policies. Raising fees on the hardworking people of New York to cover the spending habits of those in government is unacceptable. This is why I voted ‘NO!’ on this year’s budget,” stated Giglio. “At a time when individuals are struggling to make ends meet, our government should not be placing additional burdens on taxpayers. Albany needs to learn to tighten its belt just the way the people of this state have done. This is yet another example of why we need to change the system and prevent increased taxes and fees from being placed on individuals in the future. I refused to support these increases earlier this year, and I call on the governor to rescind these tax increases.”