Assemblywoman Judy Griffin Passes Bill Protecting Parking for The Disabled from Intentional Snow Dumping, Plowing In

ALBANY — Assemblywoman Judy Griffin (D-Rockville Centre) said the following after unanimous passage of her bill A.9702-B by the Assembly tonight:

“Many of our family members, friends, and neighbors - including brave veterans - rely on handicapped parking spots to go shopping, attend medical appointments, dine out, and so much more. It is particularly egregious when days after a snowstorm they find parking spots for the disabled are inaccessible solely because snow has been plowed or intentionally dumped on the spaces they rely on. This can be potentially dangerous and often prohibits someone with disabilities, handicaps, or other health challenges from attending their appointments just like everyone else.

This evening, I am proud to share that the Assembly has unanimously passed my bill A.9702-B, to significantly increase fines for intentionally dumping or plowing snow onto handicapped parking places. It is time that these fines become consistent with fines for illegally parking in handicap spots because appropriate fines are an important element when creating smart policies to discourage poor behavior. This is particularly true when we have an obligation to protect vulnerable populations such as those that utilize parking spaces for the disabled. After over a decade of attempts to pass similar legislation, this bill will go a long way to ensure that handicap parking spots and critical curbside access points are not sacrificed to store excess winter snow.

I want to thank Senator John Brooks, Chair of the Senate Veterans Committee, who brought this bill (S.1271) to my attention with the hope we could finally pass it through the State Assembly. After working diligently with my colleagues and staff, I am proud to have fought successfully for the dignity of New York State's disabled residents as valued members of our local communities.”