Assemblymember McMahon Urges President Trump to Compel Production of Medical Supplies

Assemblymember Karen McMahon (D-Amherst/Pendleton) is urging President Donald Trump to invoke the full extent of his authority under the Defense Production Act of 1950 (DPA).

In a letter sent to the President today, Assemblymember McMahon pressed that in addition to ventilators, production of testing materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, N95 masks, filtering respirators, surgical masks, eye protection, gowns and alcohol-based hand sanitizer be expedited.

“As we are all too well aware, a critical shortage of testing materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) has left patients, medical personnel and first responders at great risk,” said Assemblymember McMahon. “While I was heartened to hear that the President has invoked the DPA to compel the production of ventilators, there is an urgent need for other, more basic medical supplies so that we will be able to adequately address the pandemic as the number of infections peak.”

Sixteen other members of the New York State Assembly support Assemblymember McMahon’s request and have signed on to the letter.