Assemblymember McMahon and Amherst Deputy Supervisor Berger to Deliver Hand Sanitizer, Masks to Reopening Businesses

Assemblymember Karen McMahon (D-Amherst/Pendleton) and Town of Amherst Deputy Supervisor Jacqui Berger will be delivering hand sanitizer and face masks to businesses in the Village of Williamsville.

Assemblymember McMahon and Deputy Supervisor Berger will begin by distributing hand sanitizer and masks to vendors at the Williamsville Farmers Market at 10 a.m. in the Amherst Town Hall parking lot (5583 Main Street, Williamsville). After which, they will deliver to more than 20 businesses around Williamsville.

Businesses may request one or two 1-gallon bottles of NYS Clean hand sanitizer (includes one pump, if requested) and one box of 50 paper disposable face masks. Face coverings and sanitizer are mandatory supplies under New York Forward guidelines for Phase 2 reopening.

“As our community continues the reopening process into Phase 2, it’s great to see businesses in the Village of Williamsville begin to open their doors again,” said Assemblymember McMahon, “While getting small businesses back in operation is encouraging, we can’t forget that remaining vigilant and taking precautions to prevent spreading COVID-19 is still important. Providing required hand sanitizer and masks will help ensure these businesses can take those precautions to keep their staff and patrons as safe as possible.”

“The businesses in this community are a vital part of our local economy, but also our local identity – and anything we can do to help them in the reopening process is important,” said Deputy Supervisor Berger, “This personal protective equipment and sanitizer will keep business owners, staff, and customers safe, but will also, hopefully, put minds at a bit of an ease as we continue to navigate this time.”

“Getting Williamsville back to work is something business owners and customers have been itching for,” said Williamsville Business Association President Frank Mischler. “As an owner, I know that hand sanitizer and masks are required to reopen and this will take some of the stress off of owners and will help businesses reopen safely so they can continue to serve this community.”