Assemblymember Kevin Cahill on the Passing of Former Speaker Sheldon Silver

“Sheldon Silver, a proud product of his neighborhood in lower New York, never forgot his origins and never let his love for the communities he represented be compromised. For over two decades, he mentored, advised, encouraged and helped any way he could to make the New York State Assembly the most diverse legislative body in the land. For more than two decades, he held back a tide of repressive legislation while advancing an agenda that provided equity, justice and opportunity for all. Shelly was particularly attentive to the needs of the communities I been honored to represent. He helped with hospitals, community centers, childcare, expanding tourism and helping local direct care workers earn a dignified wage, to name but a few items. He gave voice to constituencies across our great state who otherwise might not be heard. My deepest sympathy to his large, close-knit family and also to his friends, many of whom are lifelong, loyal and today mourning the loss of, in Shelly's words, a real mensch.”