Assemblymember Cahill’s Statement on the Rejection of IRC Gerrymandering

Today the Assembly took the necessary measures to assure a timely completion of the important task of redistricting. The failure of the so-called “Independent” Redistricting Commission to advance a single set of cohesive reapportionment maps resulted in a bipartisan rejection of their cobbled together submission of multiple plans that do not meet even the basic guidelines that were their charge.

Locally, the splitting of Dutchess and Ulster Counties into multiple districts, reaching tendrils far into other areas, reflects the same bad policy used to form the constituencies I opposed and voted against a decade ago. This blatant disenfranchisement of our neighbors by the tried and true "divide and conquer" approach cannot be allowed to stand.

The Commission has a second chance to return, by January 25th, more reasonable maps that are contiguous, cohesive, equal and representative of communities of interest across New York State. Should they fail to do so for a second time, I will again join the vast majority of my colleagues in rejecting them. It will then fall to the legislature to undertake the task itself.