Central Hudson Constituent Response

Dear Friends and Constituents,

Our office regularly represents the community in matters involving Fortis/Central Hudson Gas and Electric that are before the New York State Public Service Commission. Recently, the number of people reaching out to our office regarding utility issues has increased dramatically. From storm response and power outages to outrageous billing errors and the surprise increases to the already high cost of gas and electricity, problems with Fortis/Central Hudson are coming to us in unprecedented numbers and with great concerns about affordability. You have the opportunity to participate directly in oversight deliberations.

Please complete the attached form and share your story and concerns. We will assemble community responses and provide them directly to the Public Service Commission for their consideration. Should you wish to provide your concerns anonymously, we will summarize those concerns in a separate document which we will also file with the Public Service Commission. Please do not share your account number in your story as that information is private.

You can also file a complaint against Fortis/Central Hudson directly by calling the Public Service Commission at 800-342-3377 or by visiting http://www.dps.ny.gov/

Please note that on March 16th, the Commission announced that they approved a third-party independent consulting company to conduct a comprehensive management and operations audit of Central Hudson, in matter 21-M-0541. The Commission also opened matter no. 22-00497, to review Fortis/Central Hudson’s response to the ice storm of February 4th, and matter no. 22-00666, to investigate the Company’s substantial billing errors. These proceedings have begun, though no deadline has been provided.

Together, we can make sure that Fortis/Central Hudson puts ratepayers before shareholders and prioritizes com­munity and reliability before profits.

Thank you for your participation.

(Street Address, P.O. Box, Company Name, c/o)