Assemblywoman Maritza Davila: Assembly Budget Expands Access to Affordable Housing

Assemblywoman Davila (Brooklyn) announced the passage of the Assembly’s 2015-16 state budget proposal, which strengthens economic security for families throughout New York by reducing burdens on homeowners and renters and expanding access to affordable housing (E.203).

The Assembly proposal provides over $32 million for Neighborhood and Rural Preservation programs, including $20.3 million for the 2015-16 fiscal year. The proposal also includes $8 million for the Tenant Protection Unit, which is tasked with strengthening and enforcing tenants’ rights, and restores $742,000 in funding to the New York City Housing Authority Tenant Watch Program.

Additionally, the Assembly budget proposal provides $645.2 million for housing and community development programs, allotting $310.4 million for repair and rehabilitation programs, including:

  • $125 million for New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Capital Repairs.
  • $110 million for Mitchell-Lama Repair and Revitalization.

The Assembly proposal also provides $59.2 million for community development programs and $254.5 million for affordable housing programs, including:

  • $100 million for assistance for homeowners that are at risk of foreclosure.
  • $10 million for the Rural and Urban Community Investment Fund.
  • $5 million for Urban Initiatives.

“Too many Brooklyn families struggle to afford to stay in their homes and communities,” Assemblywoman Davila said. “One of the Assembly’s top priorities is to support these families by expanding access across the state to safe and affordable housing.”

Further, the Assembly proposal provides $2 million for the New York State Supportive Housing Program (NYSSHP) and $3 million for the Solutions to End Homelessness Program (STEHP). The proposal also includes $32 million to create a Homelessness Prevention Pilot Program for New York City. This pilot program would provide rental assistance for survivors of domestic violence, seniors and single adults; an expansion of the Family Eviction Prevention Supplement; and homelessness prevention assistance.

“As families deal with extremely difficult situations, like domestic violence or homelessness, it’s important they have a reliable place to go where they feel safe,” Assemblywoman Davila said. “The Assembly is committed to doing all we can to ensure that hardworking families can get back on their feet.”