Assemblywoman Maritza Davila Partners with Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce to Bring Services to Small Businesses

Assemblymember Maritza Davila (D-Brooklyn) partnered with Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce to deliver services to small businesses in Bushwick. The Chamber On-the-Go deploys trained specialists to connect with small business owners in neighborhoods across the five boroughs. According to a recent study conducted by the Bushwick Community Plan (BCP), small businesses in Bushwick are in strong need of assistance in lease renewals as well start-up businesses. In addition, they also need legal and negotiation training and support. Moreover, street vendors need more resources and protection to help them navigate through their business.

These statistics show a strong need for resources and services. It is essential to get these firms the support they need in order to help them thrive and to better serve their customers with their services. “We are proud to partner with Assemblywoman to deliver business services to the bustling Bushwick area,” said Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Andrew Hoan. “The friendly neighborhood Chamber-On-The-Go van is ready to serve business owners all over Brooklyn.”

Small businesses in communities have a strong impact on innovation and on our economy. “By assisting small businesses in need, we are able to create job growth and diverse job markets in our communities,” said Assemblywoman Davila. “With Chamber on-the-Go, we are also able to collect feedback that allows us circle back with more resources and continue to promote economic development.”

Chamber-On-The-Go’s services include: conducting a snapshot assessment of a business’ strengths and needs, connecting business owners with free resources to help their business thrive from the NYC Department of Small Business Services, Chambers of Commerce, and local organizations, providing immediate business support and making appointments for future services, answering questions and collecting feedback on the challenges and opportunities facing a specific business community. “I’m so excited that Assemblywoman has as recognized the needs of our small business community and shopping district that brings jobs and essential services to our neighborhoods. Thank you for giving us the attention we need,” said Gary, a small business owner in the community.