Walsh: Assembly One-House Budget Means More Spending, More Taxes

A statement by Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh (R,C-Ballston) on the Majority’s proposed one-house budget.

“While I welcome the Assembly Majority’s reversal of the governor’s proposal to cut critical Foundation Aid to our schools, their proposal to offer a 3.2% COLA to direct support professionals and the restoration of CHIPS highway funding, the Assembly Majority’s one-house budget proposal is marked by excessive spending and would perpetuate future budget deficits. Surpassing the executive budget proposal by $13 billion, the wish list of the Assembly Majority lawmakers now stands at a staggering $245.8 billion while seeking to implement $3.5 billion in new taxes over the next two years. These tax hikes are unnecessary as state revenues continue to come in ahead of projections.”

“Even with an additional $1 billion in consensus revenue, the Assembly Majority can’t resist spending all of it and hiking personal income and business taxes. While we should be adhering to a 2% cap on government spending, the Assembly proposal calls for a 10% increase.

“More taxes, more spending—and the wrong direction for New York. I voted NO.”