Statement from Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick

Earlier this year, I was the lone sponsor of A.2830, the only legislation introduced by either house of the New York legislature that called for the New York State pension fund to divest itself from companies that do business with Iran, a repeated supporter of international acts of terrorism. It is not only unconscionable to support Iran, but by investing in their economy, we place our citizens at risk of losing their pension funds in the event that the country’s deplorable actions are met with economic sanctions by the international community. The recent rash of violence that has swept through Iran following its fraudulent elections underscores this point.

Today, I applaud state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli for announcing that he has come to that same realization. By divesting our state pension fund from rogue countries like Iran and the Sudan, which have been complicit in the mass slaughter of its own citizens, we will reduce the amount of risk in our already unsustainable pension system, and send a strong and clear message to the international community that we will not tolerate government-supported terrorism and genocide.