Fitzpatrick Calls for Elimination of New License Plate Mandate

Throughout my tenure in the Assembly, I have tried to reiterate to my colleagues that there is no such thing as a “free lunch.” State government’s addiction to spending has consequences, most notably, the need to raise taxes and fees on hardworking Long Islanders, thereby, draining family budgets and impeding economic growth.

Forcing vehicle owners to purchase new license plates is the state’s latest shameful attempt to pay for this addiction. With taxpayers overburdened by high taxes, we should be looking at ways to lessen the high cost of living and grow our economy. And despite the rhetoric, these fees will have no impact on reducing this year’s deficit.

That’s why, on Monday, our Conference will work to eliminate this costly mandate and reintroduce our ideas to close the deficit through the consolidation of duplicative agencies and services and capping state spending.