Fitzpatrick Votes To Help New Yorkers With Disabilities

Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (R,C,I,Ref-Smithtown) today supported a package of bills designed to assist New Yorkers with disabilities. The bills were passed in recognition of Legislative Disabilities Day.

“New York is a great state to live and work for people with disabilities,” said Fitzpatrick. “We in the legislature want to make sure every New Yorker, regardless of disability, has access to every opportunity available. The advocacy community works very hard and is very effective at improving the lives of these unique New Yorkers.”

The legislative package included these measures:

  • A.163 – Improves voting accessibility by requiring ballot information including candidates and contest information to be published on Board of Election websites ahead of an election;
  • A.7251 – Extends the sunset of the requirement of providing college textbooks and other materials digitally to August 2022;
  • A.1029 – Ensures the state can be held accountable should it violate the Americans with Disabilities Act or other applicable federal acts;
  • A.2493 – Launches a pilot program to provide tax credits to those who make improvements to homes to make them accessible to those with mobility impairments or those who are aging;
  • A7475 – Establishes a small business tax credit for those who employ those with disabilities;
  • A.3385A – Requires public officers and other bodies to provide interpreters or assistive listening devices for the hearing impaired at public hearings;
  • A.4737 – Creates the Office of the Advocate for People with Disabilities; and
  • A.7492 – Ensures coverage of necessary complex rehabilitation technology for patients with complex medical needs.