Fitzpatrick: New York Government Must Address Failings of Bail Reforms and Close $6 Billion Budget Deficit

Statement from Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (R,C,I,Ref-Smithtown) on the State of the State

“The New York City Progressive-led state government has left New York’s public safety and finances in shambles. The first priority must be to correct last session’s misguided bail reforms, which are releasing potentially dangerous offenders into our communities. We can do so by returning discretion back to judges to hold those they deem a danger to the public. The state has tough choices to make in order to close a $6 billion budget deficit. As I have warned frequently over the years, this level of state spending is unsustainable. One-party rule is not serving New Yorkers well. We cannot afford to continue to lose population to states with a lower tax burden and a more welcoming business climate.”

Editor’s Note: Video comments from Assemblyman Fitzpatrick may be downloaded here: