Fitzpatrick: New York Must Move Now To Repeal Bail Reform

Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (R,C,I,Ref-Smithtown) called for action to be taken to repeal the bail reform law in response to a Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Public Safety. The assemblyman sponsors A.8855, which would repeal bail reform in its entirety.

“Bail reform has put incredible pressures on our police and district attorneys. Communities are feeling increased stress due to the release of perpetrators mandated under this law. In spite of the high level of danger to others and likelihood of recidivism, judges have no discretion in these proceedings,” said Fitzpatrick. “This law has compromised our public safety and must be repealed immediately.”

Since the bail reform law has been in effect, nearly 100 violent or serial criminals were released immediately after their arrest. Individuals arrested for manslaughter, assault, domestic violence incidents and other troubling crimes are no longer held in pre-trial detention. Each week more stories are published in the media showing the insanity of this law and shine a light on the indifference New York City politicians has towards public safety of not only their own constituents, but of all New Yorkers.

Editor’s Note:

Attached is a sampling of reported criminal cases from across the state impacted by the bail reform law.