Norris: Some Good News From Albany

A Legislative Column from Assemblyman Mike Norris (R, C -Lockport)

Often, you will hear from me about the struggles and frustrations of the downstate driven majorities’ agenda which is not consistent with upstate values, however, it is important to pause this time of year and point out some of the good legislation that was passed in a bi-partisan manner which I was proud to support and signed by Governor Hochul to protect New Yorkers:

  • Space heaters, though an increasingly popular choice with New Yorkers have caused tragic fires, will now be required to include an automatic shut-off sold in New York State (A.9181).
  • Defibrillators will now be required to be on site and accessible at private health clubs and I know how critical this requirement is, as a constituent in the 144th Assembly district was saved because his health club had one (A.744).
  • Working with local highway superintendents, municipal snow removal crews and trucks are now authorized to use green lights (or alternating green and amber lights) to improve both crew and public safety (A.811).
  • To assist volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel recruitment and retention, local governments will now have the option to offer a property tax exemption to members of volunteer fire companies and volunteer ambulance workers (A.10155).
  • The Office of the Advocate for People with Disabilities was established so that our state can better advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities and assure that persons with disabilities are afforded every opportunity (A.3130).
  • Local measures that will benefit the 144th Assembly District were enacted including the transfer the county parcel of Lockport Day Road Park to the town of Lockport (A.7837), along with allowing Niagara County to waive certain fees (like building permit fees) for veterans’ organizations (A.9183).

I would also like to thank the citizens of the 144th Assembly district for your generosity and participation in my Annual Winter Coat and Clothing Drive. We were able to collect hundreds of coats, winter hats, scarves, and boots for those in need. 

This holiday season, please know that a spirit of bipartisanship does exist in Albany to deliver for New Yorkers on common sense measures and I will continue working hard for you as your assemblyman. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!