Novakhov Stands with Israel

Statement by Assemblyman Michael Novakhov (R-Brooklyn)

“Over the last few weeks, we have seen the absolute worst of humanity on display as militants from the terrorist group Hamas have inflicted pain, terror and death upon the people of Israel. I share the pain of all civilians who have lost their lives in these attacks. We must all stand up and say anti-Semitism and hate have no place on this earth.

“Israel has been the historical homeland of the Jewish people for thousands of years, and since its re-founding as a safe haven in the 1940s, Israel has been under constant attack from those who wish to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth. Despite such attacks, Israel has always taken the high road and treated all people who reside there with the utmost respect for religious and civil rights. Israel is one of our greatest allies and the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, we must stand with them.

“Hamas, on the other hand, is a brutal terrorist group that has no respect for anyone, Israeli or Palestinian. They use civilians as human shields while killing elderly Holocaust survivors and babies. There can be no debate, these are not freedom fighters, these are brutal killers who must be condemned by anyone with common sense.

“Israelites and Palestinians had the same opportunity to build great countries of their own. While Israel was able to build a strong economy, a technologically advanced country delivering unique equipment and innovations to the whole world, Palestine was taken over by terrorist groups that canceled elections to stay in power forever and created nothing but acts of violence toward people all around the world. They can't even launch a missile properly. Often, they end up tragically landing in their own territory as with the hospital in Gaza. While this event is still under investigation, many military experts around the world confirmed the missile was launched from the Gaza region. The only thing they can do professionally is manipulate the media and lie.

“We must support Israel's right to exist and defend itself against these attacks. The Jewish people have historically been the target of attacks, and this has been the worst since the Holocaust. This cycle of violence must stop. We need and want peace, but we need a willing partner in the Palestinians to achieve that goal. Until then I am proud to say I support Israel and stand with all Jews around the world.”