Novakhov Reflects on Six Months Following Hamas Terrorist Attack

Statement by Assemblyman Michael Novakhov (R-Brooklyn)

“It’s been six months since the barbaric terrorist group Hamas attacked innocent men, women and children in Israel. The atrocities of that day cannot be overstated, and every day since that attack Israel has been defending itself not only against Hamas but against worldwide antisemitism that would like to see Israel wiped off the map. Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East and is one of America's most trusted and important allies. As elected officials, we must continue to work with our partners in Friends in Israel to defeat Hamas because not only does Hamas hate Israel, but they hate America and all peace-loving people around the world regardless of religion. Currently, there are over 100 innocent civilians including Americans and New Yorkers being held captive by Hamas, we must do everything possible to make sure these people are released unharmed and returned to their families, anything less would be a tragic mistake.

“I will continue to be an unapologetic champion for the state of Israel, I have dedicated my efforts toward hosting many events to call for additional support for Israel and to draw attention to the need for our communities to combat the growing tide of antisemitism across our state. I was proud to host one of the largest pro-Israel rallies in the history of Brooklyn in January, I rallied with the Run for Their Lives organizations from across South Brooklyn to call on Hamas to surrender and release the hostages held in captivity. I made it my mission to make sure the bigoted “Not on Our Dime Bill,” which would punish organizations that did business with Israel, never saw the light of day in the Assembly. I am proud to regularly meet with local, statewide, and national Jewish organizations to ensure my work supports their efforts. My office is proudly home to missing posters for those who have been kidnapped by Hamas, and they are on public display for all to see. I will not waiver, I will continue to call out Hamas and their supporters every chance I get and continue to do everything I can to support Israel.”