A Special Announcement and Opportunity in Honor of Brendan Fahy Bequette

There is much to update you on with regard to the legislative session, however, I want to take this moment to bring a special opportunity for students in honor of Brendan's memory to your attention, as well as send a note of deep and heartfelt gratitude for the continued outpouring of support for my family over the last weeks following the untimely death of my beloved son, Brendan Fahy Bequette.

As many of you know, Brendan viewed the world around us through the lens of his camera, and introduced new perspective into many people's lives simply through his work as an aspiring cinematographer. Accordingly, please click on the link to view one of Brendan's videos that shows the world through his lens, entitled 'Mind Palace' and filmed of Gabby Pinheiro and Kevin Esnault, illustrating Brendan's talent and skill. 

We are so grateful the Albany County Film Commission announced a scholarship and 30-second commercial contest for high school students interested in cinematography to honor Brendan's memory, which I wanted to share with you. Below are full details of the scholarship and contest opportunity, and I encourage all students interested to apply:

"Attention Albany High School students: Do you consider yourself a film trailblazer? If so, submit a 30-second video saying why, and you will be considered for one of five opportunities to attend the upcoming Capital Region & Adirondack Film Alliance Industry Day.

Film Albany and the Fahy Bequette family are sponsoring five high school, college or university students interested in media arts to attend the May 19 event, which will provide educational workshops and plenty of opportunities to network with leaders in the industry.

The sponsorships honor the memory cinematographer Brendan Fahy Bequette (Albany High Class of 2014), who died Feb. 28 after a 20-month battle with an aggressive and rare cancer. Bequette’s career began with producing multiple short films at Albany High, including this parody for his AP Calculus class. He studied film at Ithaca College and moved to New York City after graduation, traveling to work on location at several projects.

Bequette’s family and the film community are honored to continue his legacy of creativity by supporting the next generation of filmmakers to attend the Capital Region & Film Alliance Industry Day, which will be held May 19 at the Albany Capital Center on Eagle Street from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. If interested, please submit your 30-second film by Friday, May 6 to Film Albany Commissioner Deb Goedeke at dgoedeke@albany.org. You also can email her for more information."

In 2014, Brendan produced a similar 30-second video as a commercial for the Albany High Track Team, which you can watch here.

I strongly encourage any high school student with a passion in filmmaking or cinematography to apply, and I thank Albany County Film Commissioner Debby Goedeke for her work to make this opportunity a reality for students in our area in honor of Brendan.

Lastly, linked here is a beautiful piece written by Chris Churchill, columnist of the Times Union on Brendan's life and aspirations.

So often we say there are “no words” to help or comfort upon such an untimely death, particularly of a child, but the words, cards, and poems sent to my family in the last weeks have provided tremendous comfort.

Thank you again for the warmest of wishes to my family.

Most sincerely,