Statement from Assemblymember Patricia A. Fahy on Passage of NY SAFE Act

Today, Assemblymember Patricia A. Fahy (D-109th District), has released the following statement on the passage of the NY Safe Act.

"I am pleased to have cosponsored this historic, comprehensive gun control legislation as one of my first votes in the New York State Assembly. The NY SAFE Act moves beyond the years of discussion to action to protect the people of New York. I am proud that New York will once again lead the nation on such critically important legislation that will make our streets and communities safer.

"I recognize this process has been far from perfect, but there is a need to move swiftly in this situation. We have debated gun control for decades in the state and nation with little progress. Over the years, powerful interests, inside and outside this chamber, have consistently opposed common sense legislation on this issue. Consequently, I support the effort to move rapidly and seize the day.

"As someone who has been held up at gun point - I do believe that this act will help us get more unlicensed guns off our streets and out of hands of criminals.

"The NY SAFE Act includes common sense regulations that are long overdue, including the assault weapons ban and background checks for all gun purchases. We have had enough senseless gun violence in this country and my hope is that this legislation is a major step forward is preventing horrific events such as Newtown.

"It is important to note that this comprehensive legislation is moving forward while respecting the rights of responsible licensed gun owners, including sportsmen and hunters. I commend the Governor, the Senate, and my new colleagues in the Assembly for their dedication and persistence in passing this bill. I am honored to join this body and to be a part of this historic day."