The Following Statement Was Issued by Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright

"Today we mark the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the United States Supreme Court's landmark decision, and the law of the land recognizing freedom of choice. It is the fundamental right of women to have control of their bodies and to continue or abort her pregnancy. Nearly half a century ago, my late mentor, attorney Sarah Weddington won the case at the highest federal judicial level. Now, we face a concerted campaign to turn the clock back to the days when poor families and women of color were forced into back alleys at the risk of their lives to exercise their reproductive rights. This would be an explicit violation of their constitutional right to privacy."

"In December, the Supreme Court heard a challenge to Roe that could gut the law or greatly narrow freedom of choice by permitting states to restrict women's rights. A decision from the court and its conservative majority padded with Trump appointees is expected in June. I am a cosponsor of comprehensive legislation that ensures New York State remains a haven for women seeking to obtain to safe medical abortion procedures. We must persist on behalf of women and families everywhere."