Seawright Condemns Antisemitism and Support for Terrorism at Columbia and NYU Protests

I am deeply distressed by the many reports of blatant antisemitism and expressions of support for terrorism by some protestors at Columbia University, New York University and at other colleges in New York and elsewhere. There is absolutely no excuse for targeting and harassing anyone because they are Jewish or who support the State of Israel. I strongly condemn this abhorrent antisemitism in all its abusive forms, from bullying to violence.

All students, faculty and staff must be afforded a safe collegiate environment, in accordance with university policies and state laws. We uphold the tenets of free speech on college campuses but there is a clear distinction between peaceful protest and cowardly acts of bigotry and intimidation.

I call on the University leadership to ensure the immediate protection of all students and to take the necessary steps to restore a learning environment free of these hateful acts.