Assembly Member Seawright Calls for Sheriff's Inspection and Closure of Unlicensed Cannabis Retail Shops

Upper East Side smoke shops selling unlicensed cannabis closed by sheriff’s Joint Compliance Task Force, unlawful goods marketed to children seized

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Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright called for the inspection and closure of unlicensed smoke shops in the 76th District. The inspections revealed disguised cannabis products and underscored the importance of law enforcement action.

Seawright said, "The proliferation of these shops is endangering our community. Most of the products that were seized were marketed to children using common brand names like "Starburst" or "SweeTARTS. It is critical that we crack down on unlicensed cannabis in our neighborhood."

In the recently passed budget, Seawright voted in support of vital measures that will strengthen cannabis enforcement and promote public safety:

  • Authorizing the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) to padlock unlawful storefronts immediately following an inspection if they are selling illicit cannabis products and pose a current threat to public safety and health.
  • Cracking down on landlords who turn a blind eye to illegal activity in their tenants’ establishments.
  • Launching a statewide task force to carry out civil enforcement and close illegal stores.
  • Expanding local authority that allows cities and counties to adopt laws regarding the regulation of unlicensed cannabis businesses.
  • Granting New York City immediate enforcement powers to inspect, issue violations, seize cannabis, and padlock stores.