Assembly Member Seawright: Assembly Budget Invests in Affordable Housing, Combats Homelessness

Assembly Member Seawright (D-Manhattan) announced that she helped pass the Assembly’s 2016-17 state budget proposal, which includes significant funding for affordable housing, homeless services and tenant protection programs.

“We’re facing an affordable housing crisis here in New York, and more needs to be done to protect our families and prevent them from losing their homes,” Seawright said. “That’s why the Assembly budget proposal includes funding that will help ensure more New Yorkers have access to safe, affordable housing.”

The proposal includes a landmark $2.5 billion, five-year housing plan to help homeowners, renters and the homeless, including:

  • $500 million for the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to make much-needed repairs;
  • $500 million to construct 6,000 new supportive housing units statewide and an additional $30 million for additional scatter site supportive housing;
  • $250 million for the repair and revitalization of Mitchell-Lama properties;
  • $150 million for a senior housing program;
  • $125 million for a community and housing stabilization program, including vital foreclosure prevention programs;
  • $125 million for a rent voucher program;
  • $125 million to expand the low-income housing trust fund; and
  • $50 million for the public housing modernization program.

The Assembly budget also provides $22.7 million for Neighborhood and Rural Preservation Programs, $4.5 million above the governor’s proposal, to provide counseling for low- and moderate-income tenants and homebuyers and rehabilitate new and existing housing.

In addition, $100 million would be provided over the course of five years to support the development of housing opportunities that meet the specialized needs of individuals with disabilities.

To combat homelessness and ensure those affected by it have a safe place to reside, the Assembly proposal provides $50 million for emergency shelters to make capital repairs and improve security in facilities serving homeless individuals throughout the state, as well as $44 million to assist families and victims of domestic violence facing eviction or homelessness.

Further protecting the millions of renters living in our state, the Assembly budget proposal provides $5.8 million for the Tenant Protection Unit and restores and increases funding for the NYCHA Tenant Watch Program to $1 million. Also under the Assembly plan, an additional $30 million would be allocated for the construction and improvement of supportive housing units in upstate New York.

The Assembly also provides an additional $20 million in housing rental subsidies and support for individuals living with HIV/AIDS, for a total of $50 million.

“Together, these initiatives will ensure our most vulnerable are protected and our families can stay together by helping more New Yorkers find and maintain safe housing,” Seawright said. “It’s our citizens that make our state great, and I’ll always fight to give them every chance for the success and stability they deserve.”