Assembly Member Seawright Statement on the Shooting in Georgia

Assembly Member Seawright issued the following statement on mass shootings in the United States:

“In the last five years, there have been at least 29 shootings with four of more fatalities, according to the Violence Project.Two shootings transpired within the last two weeks, in Georgia and Colorado, resulting in 18 fatalities.

The reality of mass shootings is gut wrenching and tearing communities apart.I know that I stand with New Yorkers and New York State elected colleagues when I urge our federal leadership to ban assault rifles, and to strengthen gun control on a national level.

In New York State, we continue to work to strengthen our laws with regards to gun violence.We have championed some of the strongest gun laws in the nation closing the loophole to prevent dangerously mentally ill people from obtaining firearms; preventing school

 districts from arming teachers and establishing statewide regulations for gun buyback programs; banning undetectable guns and expanding firearm safe storage laws to protect children; extending the background check waiting period; banning bump stocks; and implementing the extreme risk protection order law, also known as the Red Flag gun protection law.

In Atlanta, we are deeply disturbed that women of Asian descent were targeted at three spas.The appalling rise of anti-Asian violence is deeply disturbing and must be condemned. In the Assembly, I am fighting to mandate anti-hate training for those convicted of hate crimes.”