Seawright Helps to Successfully Secure The Met Fifth Avenue as Additional Early Voting and Election Day Poll Site for City’s June Primary Election

Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright announced today that The Met Fifth Avenue will be open to voters between Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 20 for early voting and on Election Day, June 22. Seawright’s office led a sign-on letter to The Met and the Board of Elections to request the additional site after witnessing the overcrowded Wagner School during last fall’s General Election. Seawright also announced a Roosevelt Island early voting site this week.

Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright said, “We commend President and CEO Daniel H. Weiss for setting an example in civic leadership for which The Met is internationally recognized. This is the first time The Met will be used for voting in its 151-year history. More early voting locations will eliminate lines and long wait times.”

The letter sent by Seawright and her colleagues said, “During the last Presidential election, the New York City Board of Elections deployed only 9 early voting sites for more than 1.18 Million voters in Manhattan (roughly one assigned site per 131,270 voters). That’s more than double the ratio of voters per site prescribed by the law, rendering Manhattan the most under-served locality for early voting access in the City and the State.”

Last Fall Seawright threatened litigation calling on the Board of Elections to open additional early voting sites to alleviate the pressure on the single largest early voting site in the state, overburdened with 118,000 eligible voters in what she described as “the horrendous treatment of the disabled, senior citizens, and working men and women – voters who have stood in line for several hours to cast their ballots, including in the rain."

Voters are assigned to their Early Voting and Election Day Poll Sites. Visit to look up your assigned poll site.