Assemblymember Carroll Announces Climate Week Legislative Wins

Two of Carroll's Climate Bills Signed into Law by Governor

Brooklyn, NY - Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D/WF-44) today announced climate change legislative wins as two of his bills- A.6113/S.6640 and A.1967/S.5400 - were signed into law last week by Governor Kathy Hochul. 

A.6113/S.6640, the “Tax Benefits for Solar and Energy Solar Systems” bill, renews and enhances tax benefits for the installation of solar systems and energy storage systems in New York City. It will accelerate the use of solar energy technology by both commercial and residential properties throughout the City. A.1967/S.5400, the “Flood Right to Know for Homebuyers” bill, requires that homebuyers be provided with information concerning flood risk, flood history and flood insurance on real property transactions. 

“Both of these pieces of legislation are common-sense measures for the state to take in order to continue the fight against climate change,” said Assemblymember Robert Carroll. “My legislation will mean the continued growth of solar and energy storage projects for residential and commercial properties in New York City, helping the City and the State to meet their goals to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, homebuyers are now ensured of having the information they need about flooding to protect their homes. I am glad to see the governor signing these important bills of mine into law.”