Following Attorney General James’ Report, Assemblywoman Sarah Clark Calls for Governor Andrew Cuomo to Resign Immediately

Rochester, NY Today, the Office of Attorney General Letitia James announced the findings of their investigation into the allegations of misconduct against Governor Cuomo. The Attorney General’s report outlined a damning, and horrifying pattern of the Governor’s sexual harassment of Executive Chamber and other state employees including a state trooper in the Governor’s security detail.

Assemblywoman Sarah Clark said, “As I stated back in March, I stand with all the women who bravely came forward to recount these traumatizing experiences, and am committed to dismantling this abuse of power and sexual harassment in all workplaces. In light of today’s findings, corroborated under oath by dozens of witnesses, I am calling for Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign immediately or the Assembly must move forward with impeachment.

We owe these women and all survivors of workplace sexual harassment nothing less than real accountability. If the Governor truly cared for the people of New York, he’d resign immediately so that healing for these survivors can begin. Given his statement earlier today, this does not look promising. Therefore, I’m calling for the commencement of impeachment proceedings as soon as possible.

The Governor’s actions have cast a shadow over the critical work that us legislators were sent to Albany to perform. His leadership and abuse demonstrates a callous disregard for the dignity and respect of us all. The fallout from his actions have caused careers to be derailed, trust and boundaries to be violated, and immeasurable trauma to those he harassed. We must hold our elected officials to the highest standards and have trust for those in positions of power. As it stands now, there is no trust, transparency, or accountability to be found from the Governor and his office. We cannot truly begin the process of ridding this toxic culture from the workplace until we are holding accountable those in the utmost positions of power,” concluded Assemblywoman Clark