Bendett Urges Governor to Rethink School Aid Cuts

Assemblyman Scott Bendett (R,C-Sand Lake) issued a statement and sent a letter to the governor today expressing his deep concern over the proposed foundation aid cuts outlined in the Executive Budget proposal. The potential ramifications of these cuts, which include a $1 million reduction to the Berlin School District, have sparked a wave of distress among school staff, parents and school districts, particularly those already facing economic challenges.

“I have always been committed to our community's welfare, which is why I vehemently oppose the governor's proposed school aid cuts. The devastating impact on districts like Berlin, facing over $1 million in cuts, is evident as teacher layoffs and program slashes are announced this week. These actions will compound the financial strain on our community, jeopardizing our children's future. I urge the governor to reconsider, as these cuts will have dire consequences for education and employment in our region,” said Bendett.

Editor's note: letter to governor attached