Pheffer Amato to Mayor: Enough is Enough!

South Queens, NY Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-South Queens) expressed her apprehension for a new homeless shelter on Brunswick Avenue in Far Rockaway and called for the project to be stopped due to the heavy saturation of supportive housing on the Peninsula. In her letter to Mayor Eric Adams, the Assemblywoman expressed the concerns of her constituents explaining that “throughout the Rockaway Peninsula, there are already 7 homeless shelters, 12 adult homes, 17 nursing homes and a copious amount of supportive housing. We have our fair share.” The Assemblywoman also pointed out that all of this is located in Flood Zone 1.

Throughout the letter, written in late July, the Assemblywoman offered to work with the Mayor to provide an alternative to the homeless shelter with several community-based alternatives. The Assemblywoman recommended that the space could be better utilized as a Boys and Girls Club that could accommodate children, a business incubator or coworking space, or a multi-level parking facility.

The Assemblywoman praised the Mayor’s vision that “everyone must be in the game.” and noted that there is a clear housing and homeless crisis. She expressed to the Mayor that “the Rockaway Peninsula has been a team player for decades. I am asking for there to be equitable distribution of shelters and supportive housing throughout all community boards in the five boroughs.” The Assemblywoman was referring to the reports that several community boards and districts do not even have one shelter, let alone the amount on the Rockaway Peninsula.

“I know the Mayor supports this community and I believe that he can help reverse the course from previous administrations that have disregarded the Rockaway Peninsula,” said Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato.