Pheffer Amato Welcomes $5 LIRR Ticket at Far Rockaway Station

South Queens, NY New York State Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-South Queens) was standing on the platform at the Far Rockaway LIRR station when MTA Chairman Janno Lieber announced that years of advocacy had been successful as Far Rockaway will finally be part of the MTA’s CityTicket Program. The new program, which has been a crucial topic that Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato has fought for, will allow anyone to purchase a ticket from the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Far Rockaway station to Manhattan’s Penn Station for a set price of $5 during off-peak times, or $7 during peak hours.

“As Dr. Seuss said, ‘oh, the places you’ll go’- and when you leave from Far Rockaway station it will now cost $5 on the LIRR," said Assembly Member Stacey Pheffer Amato. "After years of advocating, Far Rockaway and the entire Peninsula are being recognized just as every other neighborhood in the City. All that’s left to do now is shout all aboard."

For years, those interested in taking the train to Penn Station would have to pay full fare when other LIRR stations throughout the City were eligible for the reduced fare. That price, depending on the time, could range from $9-$12 for a one-way ticket. Far Rockaway, due to the train line “passing through” Nassau County, was excluded from this program. However, due to the work of local electeds like Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato, this is no longer the case and the Far Rockaway train station is now included in the program.

Commuters will need to purchase the train ticket at the Far Rockaway station, or use the MTA mobile app, for the CityTicket price. For those looking to return from Penn Station to Far Rockaway, commuters would need to purchase a roundtrip ticket in Far Rockaway as the CityTicket option is only available upon originating from Far Rockaway. Purchasing a ticket from Penn Station will be full price but purchasing a roundtrip ticket from Far Rockaway to Penn Station will provide individuals with the CityTicket price.