Two Pheffer Amato Bills Signed into Law to Help New York State’s Workforce

South Queens, NY New York State Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-South Queens) had two bills signed into law furthering the protection and accessibility for potential and incoming public employees. Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato serves as Chair of the New York State Committee on Governmental Employees which oversees all governmental employees like individuals who work for the State, City or a municipality. Her push for these bills to be signed into law emphasizes her commitment to governmental employees and their families.

“A job with the State is a rewarding career, and it’s bills like these that ensure workforce equity, especially by getting the message out there to those seeking jobs in the public sector. By these bills being signed into law, we are making it clear that our governmental employees, the amazing men and women who work for our State, are supported, respected and appreciated,” said Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato.

Bill A.6855 requires the State civil service department and municipal civil service commissions to issue announcements of competitive civil service examinations more broadly, opening the door to more accessible opportunities to prospective public employees. This includes civil service examination announcements to be issued to the local board of cooperative educational services (BOCES), all high schools, colleges, universities, local social services districts, and job training programs in New York. It is estimated that through Pheffer Amato’s legislation thousands of more residents will be informed of career opportunities with the State which will successfully expand the State’s workforce.

Bill A.7155 ensures that any time spent as a provisional State employee will be counted towards probationary time period upon being hired as a permanent employee. Due to the limited availability of civil service examinations, employees can be hired provisionally until a test is offered. Once hired permanently upon passing a civil service test, Pheffer Amato’s legislation ensures that time spent as a provisional employee will count towards the required probationary period.