New York Legislators Stand with Israel

The despicable sneak attack against the Israeli people is a war crime. The taking of hostages, the wholesale murder of civilians, the use of torture, the beating, mutilation and killing of captured soldiers and the parading of their bodies and the bodies of dead civilians through the streets of Gaza is a cruel, barbaric and brutal throwback to primitive times.

As we stand in solidarity with the Jewish state, we must confront the profound question of whether a free, liberal, and democratic nation can defeat a culture founded on tyranny. The answer is clear — we will win, the good people will win, as long as we stand together and united.

Nor is it Israel alone that is at risk. America, plagued by rising anti-Jewish hatred and rising hatred for “the other” is as well in danger. What is at stake is the very survival of democracy itself.

We are aware that those aligned with Hamas, Russia and Iran are doing their best to turn public opinion against Israel. This is the same tactic now used by proponents of tyranny and oppression to undermine American support for Ukraine. We will not allow this to happen on our watch.

We will continue to fight for democracy.

We will continue to stand with Israel.