Assemblyman Steve Stern: “Ghost Guns” Pose Unacceptable Risk to Our Community

The Assembly moves to protect our residents from undetectable guns

Huntington, NY – Assemblyman Steve Stern (D-Huntington, 10th AD) announced that legislation he co-sponsored to prohibit the manufacture, transport, sale and possession of “Ghost Guns,” that are undetectable by x-ray machines, magnometers and metal detectors in New York State, passed the Assembly. New 3-D printing technology now enables home printing of fully functional weapons that can pass undetected through security checkpoints at schools, places of public gathering and airports.

​“Allowing the manufacture, sale, transportation and possession of weapons that cannot be detected by law enforcement or the Transportation Safety Administration poses an unprecedented risk to the public,” Assemblyman Stern said. “It is the height of irresponsibility to allow these weapons. I am proud to join with my colleagues to co-sponsor this critical public safety legislation.”

​“This is the moral issue of our time,” Assemblyman Stern said. “For far too long, we have seen tragedy after tragedy, in schools, houses of worship, our workplaces, and places of recreation. All of us are entitled to be safe in our daily lives. Ghost guns add another dimension to this threat, leaving members of our community concerned for their safety, even after ‘going through security.’ This legislation is another important step in protecting New Yorkers from gun violence.”