Abinanti Urges Governor to Sign ‘Tollpayer Protection Act’ Issues Report Documenting Need for Legislation

TARRYTOWN — Assemblyman Tom Abinanti (D-Greenburgh/Mt. Pleasant) today called on Governor Cuomo to sign the “Tollpayer Protection Act,” (A7587/S6113) which would streamline the process for notifying drivers about tolls and fines. The legislation passed the Assembly and Senate during the 2019 legislative session and has been delivered to the Governor for action last week. Abinanti also released a report documenting the need for the legislation.

“New York motorists deserve to be treated fairly and should not be victimized by a defective toll-collection-by-mail system,” said Assemblyman Abinanti. This legislation will ensure proper notice of tolls, due process to contest erroneous tolls and protection against excessive penalties. It will also ensure that motorists’ data is safeguarded.”

The legislation was created after numerous reports from constituents about the chaotic cashless tolling system on the Tappan Zee Bridge and other places on the New York State Thruway. There were reports of late fees in the hundreds of dollars and collection efforts by collections agencies although the driver was never notified of any outstanding balance. Media reports further described families who were left on the side of the road after their cars were seized as a result of a registration suspension from outstanding cashless toll fees.

“With the expansion of cashless tolling throughout the State, it is imperative that New York has a fair and functional system in place,” said Abinanti.

A copy of the report may be viewed here.